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Movie Review: V for Vendetta

Plot Outline: In the near future a freedom fighter known only as “V” rebels against the now fascist government of Great Britain.

This visual aspect of this film is spectacular. The direction and cinematography has the right texture to each part of the story to successfully pull you into it.
The dialogue can be a little “par” but has some power within it and has many nuggets of dry-humor. Many people probably won’t find some of the jokes that funny, or even notice they are there. But those who do will be laughing.

The best part of the film however is the story and message it gives, which is an important one. It is a warning about giving up too many personal freedoms for sake of security, which many people in the United States are too willing to do. That people must standup for their freedom no matter the cost or public opinion of them. In the film the fictional government and its leaders use their power and influence to control the country’s citizens through fear. They also round up, torture, experiment on, and kill certain groups much like in Nazi-Germany. Muslims, homosexuals, and political activists who disagree with their policies are the majority of these
“V” rebels against this evil government he is labeled as a terrorist. Though he does do some evil himself, it is a necessary evil to wake the citizens up from their fear. So they too will be able to stand up for the freedom that they believe in.

There are also commentaries within the film on how the media is way for the government to spread its propaganda and continue to spread fear throughout the population. They even have one of the characters “The Voice of London” as an obvious representation of Bill O’Reily. Which I thought was great touch the film.

Note to Certain Viewers: If you are a close-minded conservative you will probably see this movie as anti-American. While it is certainly a critique of the direction America is now heading (which in itself is anti-American), it does not question the long-forgotten founding principals that America is supposed to have been built on.

Overall Grade: A-

Grading Scale:
A=See it right away
B=Worth going to a matinee
C=Rent on DVD or watch on TV
D=I would rather be in a boring class
F=Become Amish if you have to, to simply avoid
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